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Mofi3500-3GN Version 2 Download

Mofi3500-3GN Version 2 Download

Welcome to the Download Section

These files are used to manually update the router

If you have internet access on your router, you can also do a remote update by logging into router

in Basic mode go to: System --> Remote Update

This is the best way to do an update and it can be done both wired and wireless.





For the MOFI3500-3GN Version 2 or Version 2 Rev 2 model, this is the latest firmware 9.0std
Check Sum: c474a9cb5609174842a138e0cd4656c0

If you have a Version 2 Rev 2 model and the first light is not on, the recovery file should be able to bring this back up

If you have a MOFI3500-3GN and using Xplornet, click below and save to your desktop
Check Sum: d4f5c4647224fba23214268e46cc1739


For iphone USB Tethering, this will work on all firmware on the MOFI4500 models but if you have the MOFI3500-3GN Version 2 or Version 2 Rev 2,

You will need to use this firmware (note this is only for the MOFI3500-3GN Version 2 or Version 2 Rev 2 models)


Check Sum: cb395a42545dbdb6480bba85a72da487


recovery file for iphone 6.9 http://mofinetwork.com/firmware/recover6_9iphone.zip
save this file, unzip and read the read me file on how to do the recovery