Frequently Asked Questions

1. What different models are avaible for sale currently?

Reply: Here is what we currently offer:
MOFI4500-4GXeTLE base router (no modem)
MOFI4500-4GXeTLE-SIM4 (this uses the Sierra Wireless MC7455 CAT6 cellular module, does not have bands 14, 66 and 71 with 2 x carrier aggregation)
MOFI4500-4GXeTLE-SIM7 (this uses the Quectel CAT4 cellular module – has bands 14, 66 and 71 alone with other bands for USA networks but no carrier aggregation)
MOFI4500-4GXeTLE-SIM8 (this uses the Sierra Wireless CAT7 cellular module – has bands 14, 66 and 71 alone with other bands for USA networks with 2 carrier aggregation)

The MOFI5500 line have much improved wifi including power amp boosters built in on the board. It can do both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz AC speeds.
It has all gigabit ports, faster cpu and more memory than the 4500. If you are looking for a higher performance unit, this is what we recommend to get.


MOFI5500-5GXeTLE-EM7411 (this uses the Sierra Wireless CAT7 cellular module – has bands 14, 66 and 71 alone with other bands for USA networks with 2 x carrier aggregation. This model cannot do 5G on the cellular but does have a much better wifi


MOFI5500-5GXeTLE-EM7411-DUAL (this model has 2 of the EM7411 module installed. As such, you can use 2 SIM card at a time with either fail over or load balancing.
The main advantage of using 2 SIM cards is not necessary for speed but for customer that want to have a back up for mission critical application.Many customer are using with with 2 different providers.The reason is if the travel to a location where for example ATT has no service but Verizon does, they have a much better chance of staying connected. If you are looking for a faster LTE connection, suggest to check out the EM7690 model


MOFI5500-5GXeTLE-EM7690 (this model uses the the CAT20 LTE EM7690 module. This is the fastest LTE solution possible today but note this cannot get 5G. It is a dedicated 4G/LTE model that works almost anywhere in the world since it has almost all 4G LTE bands available. This model uses 4 x cellular antenna and if you are looking to squeeze as much speed as possible from a 4G LTE network, this is the model that we recommend.


MOFI5500-5GXeTLE-EM9191 (this is the 4G/LTE/5G Sub6 solution that can do the same CAT20 on LTE as the EM7690 but can also get 5G if you have that available. This solution is a bit more expensive in order to get 5G but if you need an LTE and 5G solution, this is a good choice. Note this model can do what they call 5G sub 6 frequencies (not Milliwave)
We feel that the sub6 5G solution is the best and most stable solution today.


2. What router gives the fastest speed?

Reply: For the fastest speeds, we recommend the MOFI5500 with the EM7690 if you don’t need 5G.
Adding the 5G is about $150 more so if you want to also have the ability to get a 5G signal, then you will need to get the EM9191 version.
Right now also, it is very complicated to find a good 5G plan.


3. Can I band lock and what is band lock?
Yes, on all our models you can band lock.

Think of the 4G/LTE/5G bands as roads/highway to the cell phone tower.

Some bands are like 4-5 lane highway and some are just 1-2 lanes county roads

However, if everyone uses the highway, it can get jammed up and sometime the smaller roads can be faster.

So first off, there is no such thing as the fastest band, if that was the case, all routers will be set to that.

It depends on many factors like how far you are from the tower, how many users are connected to that tower and how much power and speed the provider are sending out.

So as you can see, it is not an answer or even possible answer so what we suggest is to scan the bands and test the speed for each band that you can get from your provider.

Then either do a band filter to lock to one or more of the fastest bands and don’t even allow the router to see the slower bands.

In the MOFI5500, we have a band called band lock and speed test under Mofi Internal Modem

What this will do is scan all the available bands for your provider and automatically lock to the fastest speed so you don’t have to manually do this.


4. What is our return policy?


If you buy the router and would like to send back, we offer a 30 days money back.
Note the router, retail box and everything else that came with the router must be in like new condition.
You will need to submit a return request by email us your order number and the reason for the return.
We will send you a return label to send this back (note you must use the return label and cannot sent to us directly)
The original shipping that you paid is non refundable and we charge $14.99 for the return shipping.
Note for our return policy, it does not matter the reason the router did not work as you will still be responsible for the shipping costs and the return shipping.
We test all routers prior to shipping and for many of the returns, it is because it cam be difficult to get a cellular plan that might not work.
In this case, be advise that our return policy still applies,
Also if you are getting  5G plan, not that the 5G plans right now is difficult to confirm if it will work on the router or not.  By the end of 2021, it will be a lot easier but as of now, it is not that easy to get a good 5G plan with the router.

Once we get the item back, we normally take 3-5 business days to process the refund.
The refund can take 5-7 business days for you to see the refund on your credit card.
If there are any damages or scratches, there may be a restocking fee charged which will depend on the condition it is in.

Note also that our return policy is based on 1 router per customer.
So if you order 2 or more router, for the 2nd and more routers, there is a 20% restocking charge applied if you want to send back.
As you can understand, in the past, we had customers buy 10 routers at a time for example and open and use all 10 routers and then just wanted to send back.
There is a cost when the router is used as we cannot resell any used routers but for 1 unit, we take the lost when a customer wants to return so if you are testing and unsure if you will keep the router, suggest you order only 1 unit.

5. What is the warranty on our routers?

We offer a 1 year warranty on our routers.
We can determine if the router needs to be swapped, you would need to contact us and we can do the diagnostic on the phone and then can arrange to swap the unit if it need to be replaced.
The customer will be responsible for both way shipping we charge a $30 handle cost.
Many times, the issue is not with the router and instead with the cellular plans as it is very confusing on which plans will work and what settings you need to use.
Best to always contact us and you might get a device that may not work and by changing the APN or ISP TTL may be required which is very easy for you to do.
Best suggestion when trouble shooting is to put the sim card in a cell phone and confirm it works in that.
The best ISP TTL to try on the router is 64, 65 and 117

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