MOFI6500-5GXeLTE Download/Firmware Update Section:
Supported Models:
MOFI6500-5GXeLTE (no sim card option)

If you want to see a video on how to do the firmware update, you can look at it here:


Here are some videos that may help you understand the set up better

MOFI4500 General Trouble Shooting Tutorial

Setting up mofi cloudlink on MOFI4500 router (same process on the 6500)

Change Admin Password

Manual Flash Firmware

MOFI4500 4GXeLTE SIM4 Band lock

Firmware 1.17std
Date Released: April 19 2024
MD5: 1a9de34c7253f270df4c16c807820618


Change logs:

– 1.17 Fixed Reconnection Issie that was causing some disconnects
– 1.17 Added Speed Band Lock
– 1.17 Added Band Lock
– 1.16 Added Signal Stenght Status
– 1.15 Updated Reconnection Script with Ping option
– 1.14 Fix MTU issue to allow to change MTU settings properly on new Telit modules
– 1.13 Updated OpenVPN to version 2.5.3
– 1.13 Updated IPSec Strongwan to verison 5.9.2
– 1.13 Updated Wireguard to version wireguard 1.0.20210914 using Kernel 5.4.238
– 1.13 Wireless Repeater Mode (WiFi as WAN) to make the interface easier to use
– 1.11 Fixed Bridge Mode / IP Pass Through Issue
– 1.08 Added Quick Start Wizard
– 1.08 Fixed Usage Menu to view usage without needing to log in



To install, save this firmware to your pc

Log into the router,

Go to system then manually flash firmware

The checksum will be: 1a9de34c7253f270df4c16c807820618

Once confirm, apply and perform the update.

The process will take only a few mins (5 mins max)
You can watch the power LED as it will go off and the router will reboot.
When you see the power LED go solid, it is completed and you can connect back to the wifi and log back in

If you miss it, just close the browser and open back up again and go to and it should be updated

After this is installed,

You should do a factory default after the firmware has been updated

You can do this 2 ways,

If you can get into the gui, log into it

Go to System then Factory Default

Then click on Perform Reset

If you cannot get into the router after the update, you can do a Hard Reset
To do this, power off and on the router
When the power LED is solid, hold the reset at the back of the router down for 10 seconds and then release
This will reset it and you should be able to get in

After the router is back up

The router is now updated, to check what firmware you are on, click on Status then Overview

If you need to change your APN, best way is to run the wizard located on the top right

If you are having issues getting online, please confirm that the apn (access point name) is correct that you are using

Also suggest to try isp ttl 64, 65 and 117

These are located under Mofi Internal Modem then click on the Configuration tab