Untitled Document If you buy the router and would like to send back, we offer a 30 days money back. Note the router, retail box and everything else that came with the router must be in like new condition. If router is scratched or any accessories are missing or damage including the retail box, there may be a restocking fee that will depend on the condition. You will need to submit a return request by email us your order number and the reason for the return. We will send you a return label to send this back (note you must use the return label and cannot sent to us directly). The original shipping that you paid is non refundable and we charge $14.99 for the return shipping for customers in Canada and United States except Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska where the cost to send the router back is $39.99 If you are return the router from any other country, you will need to contact us to find out the shipping costs as some counties can be very expensive for the shipping. Once we get the item back, we normally take 3-5 business days to process the refund. The refund can do 5-7 business days for you to see the refund on your credit card. For the reason on the return, it does not matter what it is even if the item is not working for some reason, the same return policy applies. For example, if you get a plan but does not work on the router, you would still be liable for both way shipping. If you get an item that is damage or defective, we can swap the units but if you decide you want to return, you will also be liable for both way shipping. Note also we reserve the right to charge a restocking cost as we only offer customers a onetime option to return with the 30 days return period with no restocking charge. The reason for this is if a customer decides they have the right to order a router every day and just send it back within 30 days. This is the reason we can only offer 1 return policy per house hold. If you already ordered and send back an item, you will need to contact us prior to ordering before you can place another order as we will need to find out the reason you want to order again. Our return policy is only valid on 1 router.  If you order 2 or more routers, the extra routers will be subjective to a minimum of a 25% restocking charge.  The reason for this is let’s say a customer orders 10 units and just decide to return all 10 units and all have been opened and used.  We feel that if you are unsure about your order that you order 1 unit to test and after you are good with that, then you can order multiple. For the definition of like new condition, this means that there should be no scratches, dents or any damages on the device as well as all accessories including the retail box packaging. Thank you and please understand that we do the best we can and when sending a return device, we cannot sell as new again. We have had many customers in the past that abuse this policy so that is why we have to apply the policy listed above.  Our end goal is to offer the best price possible and keep fraud or abuse as low as possible to ensure we can offer you the best price ad service we can.