MOFI5500 Downloads for the EM7690/EM9191 (CAT 20 model and 5G model)
NOTE: If you have the EM7411 or EM7455 version, you can install this but once this is on, you can’t go back to the 1.0 firmwares at this time.
This new firmware is recommend for better performance on all the 5500 lines

MOFI5500-5GXeLTE-EM7690/EM9191 Download/Firmware Update Section:

If you want to see a video on how to do the firmware update, you can look at it here:

Here is how to insert the SIM Card

Here are some videos that may help you understand the set up better

MOFI5500 wifi recovery

How to set a wifi password using the Wizard

MOFI4500 General Trouble Shooting Tutorial

MOFI4500 Recovery Tutorial (to restore MOFI4500 V2 routers not booting up properly)

setting up mofi cloudlink on MOFI4500 router

change admin password

manual flash firmware

MOFI4500 4GXeLTE SIM4 Band lock

The current user manual is located here:
(updated 5500 user manual will be updated soon but 90% of the features are the same as this user manaul)

This download section is for the


If for some reason you killed your router during an update or the router does not boot up, you can use the recovery option to get it back up.
If you need to do a recovery, please ensure that you are using the correct firmware as if it, it can damage the router

You can use the MOFI5500 Recovery firmware to get it back up
Please save both this recovery as well as the latest firmware on the page below to your pc

Once you have this on, then you can load the latest firmware


To do the recovery on the MOFI5500 router, please follow these steps model.pdf

Here is the latest official firmware for the MOFI5500-5GXeLTE


MOFI5500-5GXeLTE-EM7411/7455/7690/9191 Firmware 3.0.6std
Date Released: Sept 13 2021

MD5: 2ac00e079d7830a631166da46fa0a652

Change logs:

– 3.0.6 Added Scheduled Reboot Option
– 3.0.6 Added Family Shield (Allows Parentel Auto Block Control for Bad Web Sites Automatically)
– 3.0.6 Changed SSH to LAN by default
– 3.0.6 Added updated WiFi Scheduler and Wifi Scheduler Advanced
– 3.0.6 Added Access Control Feature
– 3.0.6 Fixed Ability to Enable/Disable Module
– 3.0.6 Added Bandwidth Usage
– 3.0.5 Added Fail Over and Load Balancing
– 3.0.5 Added Wifi Scheduling
– 3.0.5 Added Wireless Repeater Mode
– 3.0.5 Added Mac Filter
– 3.0.5 Added WiFi Blocker
– 3.0.2 Added IP Pass Through/Bridge Mode
– 3.0.2 Fixed Issue when changing routers IP causing router’s Wifi not to load
– 3.0.2 Fixed Issue when using a WAN connection and setting wifi password
– 3.0.1 Default IPS TTL to 65
– 3.0 Release Includes Updates for Wifi, LAN and other hardware driver updated
– 2.0R26 Fixed WPA2 seucrity type going to TKIP instead of AES by defualt
– 2.0R26 Change default ISP TTL to 64 as found this works better and faster than 65.
– 2.0R25 Enable option to Disable WCDMA mode under Mofi Internal Modem
– 2.0R24 Selective band lock and Speed Band Lock are now sync so you can change either and both will get updated
– 2.0R23 5G added as default when possible for the EM9191
– 2.0R22 Added Auto MTU and Auto MSS to ensure best speeds possible
– 2.0R21 Can see the bands module is connected to under Advanced Signal Strength/Status under Mofi Internal Modem
– 2.0R21 Added Drop down list to select APN
– 2.0R18 Changed IPV4 to be set only instead of IPV4/IPV6 (Fixes many Visible customer that were not able to connect unlesss they did this)
– 2.0R17 Fixed Speed Band Lock Issue
– 2.0R17 Ability to turn IPV6 off
– 2.0R17 Ability to turn reconnection off
– 2.0R15 Fixed a security software bug where it can cause the router not to boot up and if this happens, will need to put the router in recovery

What you will need to do after loaded this firmware is to got to system then Boot Up Patch

Then just run that (will take 5 seconds)

Once that is installed, this issue will not happen again.


To install, save this firmware to your pc

Log into the router,

Go to system then manually flash firmware

The checksum will be: 2ac00e079d7830a631166da46fa0a652

Once confirm, apply and perform the update.

The process will take only a few mins
You can watch the power LED as it will go off and the router will reboot.
When you see the power LED go solid, it is completed and you can connect back to the wifi and log back in

If you miss it, just close the browser and open back up again and go to and it should be updated

After this is installed,

Suggest that you do the boot up patch fix

To do this, go to system then boot up patch fix and click to perform this fix.

After the router is booted back up, suggest you should do a factory default

To do this

go to System then

Backup/Flash Firmware

Then click on PERFORM RESET

This will reset the router

After the router is back up

go to Network then Mofi Internal Modem
Then Click on the Configuration tab on the top right
Then on the bottom, press the button to RESET MODULE

That will also reboot the router

After that is done and router is back up

Log back in and go back to Mofi Internal Modem
Then click on the Configuration tab on the top right

for the APN settings, if you need to change it, you can do it there to what you need

then click on save

After it is saved, power off and on again and this should connect