MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-V3 Download

MOFI4500-4GXeLTE V3 Download/Firmware Update Section:


This download is only for the MOFI4500-4GXeLTE V3 version.

If you have a V1 or V2 version, you need to use the other download section.
To know what model you have, check the bottom of the router and it will show the s/n number
If it is a V3 model, it will say that in the serial number of the router.

If you want to see a video on how to do the firmware update, you can look at it here:



If your router’s power does not come on and flash or have an issues that is serious,
you can try to do a recovery as it is possible to have this fixed.
Note this info is just for the MOFI4500 V3 router. If you have a MOFI4500 V2, you need to go to the 4500 V2 section.

On the MOFI4500 V3 model, there are 2 ways you can do the recovery,
– With WiFi which we call WiFi Recovery and the most popular since it is easier or
– With an Ethernet connection which we call Boot Recovery which is last resort to try if the WiFi recovery cannot fix the router.

To put the router in WiFi recovery, do the following:

– You will need to download and save the standard firmware on your computer prior to doing the following steps.
– Disconnect everything from the back of the router
– Hold the reset button down
– Power on the router and wait until you see the internet LED start to flash fast (will take about 15-20 seconds)
At first, the internet LED will flash and then after about 5 more seconds, it will start to flash faster
The faster flash means it is in WiFi Recovery
– Release the reset button
The router will reboot and when the Power LED is solid, Internet LED is flashing and WiFi LED is on, the router is now in WiFi Recovery Mode
– You should now see the Mofi Recovery SSID, you will need to connect to that (note you do not need internet for this step)
– Once you are connected, log into the router,, then load the standard firmware
Router will take 3-5 mins to update and then reboot. Once the power LED is solid, the router is back up
– The last step you need to do is a factory default by going to system then factory default to ensure there is nothing extra in memory that needed to be cleared out.

To do the Boot Recovery (with an Ethernet connection), do the following

Things you will need beforehand to perform recovery:

  • The MOFI4500 V3 router itself (to verify ifyou have a V3 router, you could just flip over the router and on the bottom ofthe unit your serial number should say something like MOFI4500V3….)
  • A computer/laptop with an Ethernet port onit
  • An Ethernet cable
  • A working internet connection to downloadthree files (the instruction file, recovery file and the latest firmware)

You will need to download and save this firmware to your PC if you want to do a recovery (note this cannot be used on a V1 or V2 model, only the V3 model)



New MOFI4500 V3 firmware Release 2

Firmware 2.3.5std (For all providers)
Date Released: March 02 2023


Checksum: cf2ade6cf6d7c7f0d8ed2be417e6d9e7

Instructions on how to update the router:

To do the firmware update, you must connect to the router with a network cable from your pc to the router or connect to the wifi

1) Power on router and connect to port 1-4 on the back of the router or connect to the wifi network on the router.
Note aagin, you dont need to use Ethernet, you can do this via WiFi

2) After router is completed booting up (takes approx 60 seconds) and power light is solid, open up your internet browser

3) In the address bar, enter
username: root
password: admin

4) Go to system then Manually Flash Firmware

5) Uncheck “Keep Settings” and click on Browse… or Choose File and locate the file that you saved and click on Open

6) Click on “Upload image”
Checksum: MD5: cf2ade6cf6d7c7f0d8ed2be417e6d9e7

If the checksum is not the same as listed here, delete the file you have and re-download it.

7) Click “Proceed” to start the update process (may take up to 5 mins).
When the power light starts blinking, the update is completed and the router is rebooting.
Need to wait for the power LED to stop blinking and go solid.

8) After update is completed and power light is solid, you will be prompt to log in
If not, make sure you are connected to the router via WiFi or Ethernet and go back to the log in
username: root
password: admin

9) After you are logged in, do a factory default that is located under system then factory default.

Note, it is very important to do a factory default now. Do the default and that would complete all the steps for this update.


Release Notes:

– 2.3.5 Add MOFI Wireguard Public IP WG5 server to list
– 2.3.3 Updated Reconnection to prevent having to reboot
– 2.3.1 Fix Mofi Family Shield (blocks porn and bad sites automatically) where it would not disable after it was enabled
– 2.3.1 Fix Wireguard Issue when setting up on your own server
– 2.2.9 GUI Menu Updated
– 2.2.9 Updated OpenVPN Settings
– 2.2.8 Added IPV6 Check box under Mofi Internal Modem
– 2.2.8 Updated MOFI WebSite Blocker
– 2.2.7 Fix IP Passthrough Issue
– 2.2.6 Updated Block By MAC Filtering where you can automatially block your kids from the internet during selected time duration like bed time.
– 2.2.6 Reduce Pings to save on "’wasted" data use
– 2.2.6 Fix Wireless Repeater Issue
– 2.2.6 Added Public IP Super Fast MOFI Cloud Wireguard WG5 server to Cloudlink
– 2.2.1 Corrected issue where if module was in WCDMA mode signal strength wouldn’t load this is corrected on the 7455 and the 7411
– 2.2.0 Fix issue with Quectel module going in wrong mode
– 2.1.9 Added Proton VPN Support under VPN Services
– 2.1.9 Fixed issue where Description from ACS won’t save under Certain Conditions
– 2.1.9 Updated ISP TTL FIX for Wireguard to set what the router is set to
– 2.1.9 Fix bug where Wireguard was still setting routes even when disabled
– 2.1.6 Fixed tty driver for access in Mofi Management to get to your router without a public IP
– 2.1.6 Fixed Selected Band Lock button to clear all bands
– 2.1.5 Fixed Signal Strength Display
– Speed Band Lock
– Mofi Wireguard VPN
– Internet Speed Test via the router
– More advanced bandwidth monitoring (just type usage/ in your browser)
– More advanced remote management feature


If you want to use the previous release 1 firmware, you can follow the same steps with firmware 1.4.0std

Older Release 1 Firmware

Firmware 1.4.0std (For all providers)
Date Released: Aug 18 2022



Checksum: 667c61df980b7bdb2bbe955869a23259

Change Logs:

1.4.0 – Fixed Issue with the SIM7 model to have auto mtu off by default
1.3.7 – Disable Auto MTU and Auto MSS by default (you can turn this on if you need to)
1.3.7 – Updated APN’s of Bell, Rogers and Telus
1.3.7 – Added PIA VPN
1.3.7 – Added CyberGhost VPN
1.3.7 – Added Speedtest in addtion to
1.3.7 – Added Speedtest to ACS (can now run a speed test directly from the remote management portal)